Everything into the Ride,
Nothing on the Bike

Discover how RideHide can keep your indoor cycle looking new, prolong its life and make cleanup after a workout quick and easy!

Peloton Sweat Guards & Accessories


Covers where you drip
Simplifies Cleanup
Ties on in Seconds
Ultra absorbent Droplock TM fabric blocks sweat like no other
Patent Pending
Simple, Durable, Sustainable
Won’t interfere with the Ride


What is RideHide?

Think of RideHide as the world’s first patent pending "sweatband" for the indoor cycle such as Peloton. Our Peloton sweat guards and accessories are great for a variety of cycling bikes.   
Not many sports bring the sweat like this workout.  Sweat covers and invades every crevice of the bike which is unsanitary and destructive to the bike over time.

RideHide soaks up every last drop of sweat you can deliver.  It ties onto the bikes in seconds, removes just as easily and is designed to protect your investment from germs as well as wear and tear from sweat exposure.  

RideHide is machine washable and makes cleanup after a workout quick and easy. We are confident that once you try our Peloton sweat guard and accessories, you will never want to ride again without it!

Committed to Quality

We are a USA based company. RideHide is constructed from our proprietary Droplock TM fabric. Very few materials can resist the wear and tear delivered by repetitive indoor cycling workouts. Our Droplock fabric is lightweight, tear resistant, machine washable and soaks up sweat like a sponge day after day.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are confident that RideHide is the Best Peloton Sweat Guard on the Market. While shopping with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about us, our Peloton sweat guard and accessories and products, or even shipping, get in touch! We hope you continue to shop with us for many years to come.

Everything into the Ride

Nothing on the Bike

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Cleanliness matters more than ever! Use RideHide on your home or gym cycling bike to protect from cross-contamination between users, maximize sanitation and to ride with confidence.

Rust on your Ride?

Take a look at your bike.  Any rusty components?  If you have more than 10 rides on your bike, you may already have rust damage.  Pay close attention to your bike housing screws or anywhere there might be exposed metal.  The cost of a high end ride can be more than $2,000.  Shield your investment from damage!

RideHide OP - fit for Peloton including Bike +
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RideHide OP is fit for easy installation on Peloton bikes to protect from sweat corrosion and simplify after workout cleanup!

Our New and Improved Colors provide the ultimate Peloton Protection! 

Color Options:

Charcoal (Dark Gray)- Fade resistant and constructed from our Ultra Absorbent DropLock fabric.  

Ash (Light Gray)- light and bright to make your Peloton "Pop".  Fade resistant and constructed from our Ultra Absorbent DropLock fabric.  

Urban Camo Peloton protection with style!  Standout from the pack.  Fade resistant and constructed from our Ultra Absorbent DropLock fabric.  

Product Reviews


If you have a @onepeloton, RideHide is a MUST HAVE accessory!  Not many workouts bring out the sparkle quite like a Peloton spin class and RideHide has been a GAME CHANGER!!!  Overtime, sweat can cause some serious corrosion to your bike...not to mention it's just nasty!  This nifty little hammock is like a sweatband for your bike!  It catches every drop of sweat I can throw at it without interfering with the quality of my ride.  If you're like me, self-care means protecting your investments and keeping them in tip-top shape!  You'd be crazy to invest in this bike and not safeguard it with a RideHide cover!
- Peloton LB Name #Moutouxvation

"Used my RideHide for the first time and absolutely love it!  First time in three years of riding my Peloton bike that I didn't have to spend time wiping down the bike after my ride.  I was a little worried that it might rub my legs or be in the way, but no issues."

- GL

" I got 99 problems, but sweat all over my new insanely beautiful, perfect and flawless @onepeloton Bike + ain't one.  Nobody has ever drowned in their own sweat, but i'm certain my bike has died a thousand deaths underneath me. 

Two questions: Where my heavy sweater at? And has Peloton created a hashtag for us yet?  @ridehide_usa has provided some of, if not the best accessories for my Peloton journey thus far! This little moisture wicking banana hammock deflects and catches all the sparkle that glistens from my body during a ride/bootcamp without interfering with my ride.  No more sweat stains covering the frame of my bike (yes, I clean it after every use).  No more sweat lodging itself so deep into my levers that even WD-40 can't save it.  No chance sweat will eventually form rust on my new baby.  And last but not least, cleanup is a breeze... I just toss this sucker int the washing machine and hang it to dry (major kudos on this, as this mom runs a million miles a minute and appreciates all things effortless and easy).  And less not forget the hand towel that covers the handlebars and feels like a dream on your face."


“My little office/Peloton space is a sanctuary for sure.  However, it is also a sauna in the summer.  Needles to say, there will be sweat.  I was concerned because I have read about sweat getting in the mechanical parts of the bike and crystallizing and really messing up the bike.  So I had painstakingly been using baby wipes in all the nooks and crannies after every ride.  THEN I saw the a RideHide!!  They sent me this to try and I am in love.  It was easy to put on and it protects all the important parts of the bike from sweat.  It’s washable and doesn’t bother me when I ride either.

-GD aka @PelotonMoms/#PelotonMoms

“I’m enjoying the added protection the RideHide gives my Peloton.  Glad I found out about your product.”

“No more sweat on my bike!!!  Highly recommend this bad boy if you glisten a little too much during these rides.  Thanks RideHide!!!!”
- Jen C

“This product is the best!!  So effective in keeping the bike dry.  I sweat a lot and there wasn’t a drop on the bike!“



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