Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why not use Velcro to attach it easier?
  • RideHide has undergone extensive testing and development and is designed to provide the best fit for optimal protection of your indoor cycling bike.  The tie on method allows you to get a really tight fit that helps create the concave shape to protect the bike and catch the sweat.  Additionally, over time Velcro would ruin the specially designed droplock fabric of the RideHide.  We want to provide you with a quality product that does the job right and withstands the wash.


  1. Is it machine washable?
  • You bet it is! Just drop that sweaty cloth in the washing machine, air dry and it will be ready for all of your tough rides without losing its shape.


  1. Does sweat drip through the RideHide?
  • The RideHide is designed with special Droplock fabric that catches all of your sweat and locks it in. We’ve tested it through some pretty rigorous workouts and we stand behind it’s quality.